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Team & History

Henry Downing Architects is one of Saskatchewan’s longest standing and most  respected architectural practices.

Founded in 1960, the firm has a history of progressive evolution, responding to changing talent, ownership, technology and clients. Our tradition of evolution continues, as we are responsive to the market place, constantly learning, and exploring seeking new opportunities.

We offer a fully integrated service of architectural planning, design and project management.

Henry Downing Architects (HDA) provide comprehensive services with a staff  comprised of a talented team of architects, interior designers, architectural  technologists, construction supervisors, administrators and administrative assistants.

Our work reflects a disciplined ability to undertake complex building design and construction management, maintain consistent cost control and production scheduling and provide unique and client sensitive design solutions.

Our firm members offer experience and specialty skills that enable us to meet the expectations of our clients. Design work conducted in conjunction with our clients explores innovative solutions. Our technological expertise is both current and
progressive. We are known for the high standard of the documents we produce, and we are leaders in implementing the technological systems that improve the quality of our output. Construction supervision and administration are conducted by professionals and field-seasoned staff, assisting the contractor to comply with client interest and myriad regulatory requirements of the modern building process.



P.: 306 652-5044            

F.: 306 665-0082

2233 Avenue C North, Saskatoon 

Saskatchewan, S7L 5Z2

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