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Our Current Favourite Design Trends and Why You’ll Love Them

Recently we have been working on fun projects that has allowed us to flex our creative interior design skills. We thought it would be fun to curate a list of our current favourite design trends and showcase how we are incorporating them into our projects in 2021.


Warm Leather Fabrics

Right now, we have been seeing a lot of fabrics in various shades of cognac. When it came time to select a fabric colour for our client’s new office, we wanted a leather that would create a sense of sophistication and luxury. To achieve consistency throughout the space, we are using this for a built-in bench in the staff area as well as the large and small meeting room chairs. Keep your eyes peeled for later this summer when we unveil the finished space!

Black Finishes

Recently, we completed an office renovation where our design challenge was coordinating the abundance of natural oak (think your grandma’s kitchen from the 70s) and creating a fresh and modern space. You probably noticed yourself that black finishes are having a moment. We are seeing it on hardware, bathroom accessories, or even aluminum framing. Using sharp, defining, and eye-catching black accents, we were able to ground the space and transform the building making it feel new again.

Rich Texture, Timeless Appeal

When working with new builds it is equally important to consider the longevity of the space when selecting materials, while keeping up with current design trends. Therefore, we gravitated towards a walnut finish for our wood where notes of warm undertones are reminiscent of classic corporate office design. The walnut in combination with a fresh palette of tactile materials creates a space that is unique and unexpected. In our minds, rich texture and timeless appeal are exactly what you need when designing in 2021.

Re-Imaging Storage Solutions

Your home is a direct reflection of you and your style. When working with us we make sure your voice is heard every step of the way while utilizing our expertise to capture intriguing design details. In our most recent custom home, we re-define walk-in closets with this functional, dramatic, and knockout design by our talented design team.


Continuing with trends for the home, scale is a design principle that will never go out of style. We are looking forward to the grandeur feeling when entering the home and being met with this outstanding stairway that leads you to an impressive basement. We have some super fun lighting planned to anchor the space as well.

By Sydney Melnyk, Henry Downing Architects

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